USCG Exam Prep - About Us

Preparing for your USCG license exam doesn’t have to be a daunting task. One of the best methods of exam prep is to complete practice exams and review test questions. This gives candidates the opportunity to determine which topics they have already mastered, where their strengths already lie, and which topics they need to work on most. Practice tests also stimulate revision which in turn helps improve knowledge retention. Consistent practice will also help improve a candidate’s anxiety during the actual exam process as the more accustomed one gets to sitting and answering exam prep questions the more comfortable taking the actual exam will be.

Here at USCG Exam Prep we help boaters and merchant mariners prepare for their Deck, Engine, and Radio license exams. Our database is compiled of USCG license exam questions that consist of actual questions and illustrations released by the Coast Guard, meaning you can prepare for your license exams with confidence.

You can self-study by browsing through the USCG exam questions and answers across all Deck and Engine subcategories, flagging questions for follow up and random generating practice exams. These exams can also be generated and downloaded or printed for offline use, making practice more convenient for those times when you do not have internet access or when you just need a break from digital platforms.

For those adding Radio certifications, our FCC question database has all the FCC Elements and is conveniently organized by license type so you only have to focus on the elements you actually require.

Our Apps are available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and allow you to access all USCG and FCC exam questions offline, with your progress syncing between your devices when back online. There is no better way to study for the USCG and FCC license tests than to review and practice the actual questions!